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KN95 Protective Mask

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Effective against: Smog (PM 1.0 and PM 2.5), dust, mites and other virus sized irritants pollen


Please wash your hands or use hand disinfectant before putting the mask on.

  1. Take out mask, open and check for visible damage. Damaged or dirty mask should not be used.
  2. Place the central upper part of the mask with the nose clip on the root of your nose.
  3. Pull the ear loops behind your ears and, with both hands, press the nose clip to your face to seal any gaps.
  4. If you need to re-use the mask after removing it, store the mask in a clean, hygienic place.
  5. We do not recommend re-using the mask.
Improper use or adjustment can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the mask. For proper use, see the upper instructions. If the package and mask are damaged or stained, please use a new mask. Recommended to use once and discard. Do not lend your mask to anyone.